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CORRECTIONS IN AMERICA- A NATION IN CRISIS- The Harry Blausey Real Estate Investor Case Exposed, Robert Paisola Reports Live for The BBC London

Western Capital If you get a chance, check out the interview that I did with The BBC Radio Network on CORRECTIONS IN AMERICA- A NATION IN CRISIS- The Harry Blausey Real Estate Investor Case Exposed (see ) to be broadcast in two parts starting Next Friday!

Robert Paisola, CEO,

The Robert Paisola Foundation

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EXCLUSIVE- The Consolidated Resorts Tahiti VillageTranscripts- Prison for Artie Spector?


Walter Cronkite, Longtime Anchor, Is Dead - 92 years old Robert Paisola Reports

Abused by the Criminal Justice System? You might like this!

Get Tough on Crime The Harry Blausey, Newark, Ohio Case- Justice Diverted by Robert Paisola



"Get Tough on Crime' The Harry Blausey, Newark, Ohio Case- Justice Diverted" Announced
Copyright 2009 for CNN I Report and Western Capital Multimedia All Rights Reserved

July 17, 2009 ·

In late February, I went to Ohio, where I met with the family of Harry W. Blausey, the Ohio Realtor, who now sits in Prison for " securing writings by deception" regarding multiple real estate deals. Blausey has been in prison for almost a year, and I wanted to speak with him. I came away convinced that he represents one of the most compelling cases of innocence in decades.

This week, the Supreme Court agreed to decide whether to hear the request for a writ of habeas corpus in a similar case. This Supreme Court Case Review, is hopefully signaling a more careful review of the Court motions and with the carefully selected appointment of Justice Sotomayor by the Obama Administration, shows new determination to hold those accountable on a criminal level to those Rogue Prosecutors and District Attorneys who uphold the law. They now will be held to the same standards that are used against Defendants, and the investigators, detectives, attorneys and officials in Newark, Ohio whom were involved in this case may now be liable for CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE, and could, perhaps, be sent to prison for their actions.

The reality, though, is that the last time the Justices granted a writ of habeas corpus was 1925 and should the Supreme Court decline the request, Blausey will still maintain many legal options, however a Supreme Court Review would almost certainly guarantee Blausey a new Trial based on ineffective assistance of counsel by his attorney Mark Allan Serot and abuse of prosecutorial discretion by Licking County Ohio Prosecutors Ken Oswalt, Licking County Ohio Assistant Prosecutor Duke Frost and the Police Investigators involved in this case could now personally face indictment. It is even more imperative that the Licking County Court Judge act now to do the right thing, and move to reopen the case and take a look at the evidence that has been obtained by Blausey.

The case must be reopened for several reasons: Blausey's conviction was based on the word of purported "victims" who stated in open court that they were victims of Blausey's apparent scheme to defraud.

However, since the jury read the verdict, seven of the nine witnesses / victims have recanted or contradicted their original testimony. Several said they were coerced by the police. No physical evidence was ever produced that proved that Blausey met the legal standard of criminality by INTENDING TO DEFRAUD.

Our Recorded Conversation with Licking County Prosecutor Ken Oswalt (pictured above) revealed "We did not try Blausey on what he did, but what he did not do" That conversation will be available for media use shortly.

The investigation memorandum that was prepared by detectives to convict Blausey was less than three inches thick, and each document provided was analyzed by a forensic expert trained in Police Investigative Technique and Conduct. The overwhelming opinion was that the "victims" had been "spoon fed the information" by the investigators, when looking at how the questions were poised by detectives, including a widely circulated questionnaire that was distributed by police to "anybody we choose to give it to" clearly indicating guilt to the respondent.

An officer involved in this case provided Western Capital Multimedia a copy of a DVD containing a private conversation between Harry Blausey and one of the lead Detectives" This DVD was provided under the condition of anonymity, as the officer feared for his job and safety. "I just know that this is not right" he said. That conversation will be posted at as soon as it is returned from federal investigator.

Second, there is abundant evidence supporting Blausey's likely innocence but it has not been aired in court. Our legal system does not allow defendants the opportunity to present new evidence of their innocence after conviction. This intransigence on legal procedural matters is unconscionable when a life is on the line of a man who could easily die in prison because of his age and abuse he has been under since entering the State of Ohio Prison System. Blausey is currently an inmate at the Hocking County Ohio Correctional Facility in Nelsonville, Ohio.

The new evidence of his innocence means Blausey deserves another day in court, not prison: The prospect that an innocent man being abused in prison or even dying in prison due to faulty witness testimony represents a tragedy of epic proportions. A wrongful death in prison cannot be rectified.

More than thirty years' worth of social science and criminal justice research shows that eyewitness testimonies are notoriously unreliable, according to The Innocence Project. Since 1973, a total of 133 men and women have been exonerated or had their sentences commuted based on post-conviction findings that demonstrated their likely innocence

Adding to the sense of urgency around the Blausey case, too, is the long, sour history of wrongly-accused white wealthy men receiving "rough justice" in Corporate America.

Blausey was convicted in Ohio, Renounced Financier, Bernie Madoff was convicted in New York.

Both were given equal sentences, considering the serious medical problems that Blausey faces on a daily basis. "We want the world to know what happened to our dad" said Diane Ringheiser, the Daughter of the accused. "We are confident that when we have a chance to show Judge Thomas Marcelain of Newark, Ohio all of the new evidence, he will immediately release our dad" she said.

She continued "Our attorney Mark Serrot from Columbus Ohio stole $10,000 of my moms money that she did not even have" "He said he needed the money to hire an investigator.... but he just kept the money"

Only when confronted during a recorded call by Western Capital's CEO and President, Robert Paisola, did Ohio Attorney Mark Allan Serrot, confirm that there was no investigator hired and that "we did the best we could do" but we will return her (sic) money"

As of the writing of this article for CNN, no money has been returned by Attorney Mark Allan Serrot to The Blausey Family.

In February 2009, The department of corrections in Ohio had previously blocked media from visiting Blausey. But when I spoke to him in Ohio, I was overwhelmed by his confidence, and by the high regard with which he is held by inmates and personnel alike. however we did learn of some disturbing events that took place against him by other inmates and guards that we previously reported at

It is evident that Blausey's jailers—prison guards and the Warden of the facility, Ed Banks, whose faces are usually stony or a blank slate of indifference—are moved by his plight.

While interviewing prison staff for a 3 part International Media Series being completed for broadcast entitled ""Get Tough on Crime' The Harry Blausey, Newark, Ohio Case- Justice Diverted" , I saw guards who clearly had come to believe as I do—that Harry Blausey is being singled out by the justice system in Licking County and because of his "gruff demeanor" he is being "shown who is in charge, said one officer.

Outside, as I crossed the parking-lot in Nelsonville, Ohio, I chatted with a woman who said she knew of a former guard who quit his duty at that facility, rather than have to take part in the Harry Blausey Mess. She spoke of Correctional Officers who were pulling money together to bet who would be the first officer to return to THE HOLE, where he has spent much time. I share that man's sense of outrage.

I've also met with Blausey's wife Beverly, and her sons David and Steve Blausey, who is an ophthalmologist in Ohio. And as I spoke to each member of the family, I began to get a clear picture of exactly what had happened in the small bedroom community in the Central Ohio City of Newark. Blausey had been singled out and attacked by investigators, prosecutors and even fake victims who wanted to ride along. And yes, we have all the proof, thanks to one person in the Police Investigations Division that decided that his obligation to humanity was much stronger than his obligation to his "buddies on the force"

Yet it is not only the many details of Blausey's humanity that has led to a groundswell of grassroots support for a campaign to reopen the case: It is the undeniable fact that, as a nation of laws, we have an obligation to reconsider these types of convictions when new evidence of innocence is revealed. That is why we started the Robert Paisola Innocence Project in the first place" said Robert Paisola, the President and CEO of The Western Capital Foundation and the CEO of The Prison Partners Foundation.

This is why a "strange bedfellows" group of individuals have been drawn together to fight for the reopening of his case, including former FBI Director William Sessions, Pope Benedict XVI; Robert Paisola of The Innocence Project , and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Sessions, in fact, has been quite fired up about the need for reforms in a court and criminal justice system that refuses to re-examine a case despite new evidence that may prove a defendant's innocence.

"Only a full hearing, with all witnesses subject to rigorous cross-examination, absolute competent counsel and a full exploration of the circumstances of their testimony, will provide a means to determine the reliability of the conviction," Sessions wrote. It must happen now."

The idea that any American might be sentenced without being allowed a full airing of all the evidence is an outrage, and represents a blatant flouting of our nation's founding principles. The Innocence Project has joined with many noted authorities and benefactors to immediately free Harry Blausey.

Amnesty International, and a coalition of other human and civil rights groups have stood to the occasion to raise awareness of not only just the Harry Blausey case, but of the urgent need to push for reforms to the criminal justice system.

At, information is available showing why innocence matters, and how all Americans can become a part of the movement to find solutions.

We believe that Harry Blausey is innocent—and that the families who were in previous financial turmoil were served well by Blausey. Many of the families that claim to be "Victims" are still living in the very homes, that prior to Blausey's involvement were guaranteed to be sitting on the streets. "Now that I think of it, I am not sure what he did wrong" she said " The police said he did something wrong so we went along with it. He did save our house for us!"

These two things are not mutually exclusive, and our Constitution should be strong enough to ensure that both parts of that equation are realized.

Reporting Live from Columbus, Ohio, this is Robert Paisola for CNN I Report and Western Capital Multimedia Inc.


Don't send my son to hell: The chilling fate experts fear Asperger's victim Gary McKinnon would face in an US prison, Robert Paisola Reports

Don't send my son to hell: The chilling fate experts fear Asperger's victim Gary McKinnon would face in an US prison, Robert Paisola Reports Live

Shackled by uncomfortably tight handcuffs and flanked by two burly U.S.
marshals, he will be frogmarched aboard a passenger jet from Heathrow to
Washington DC like some captured Al Qaeda mastermind.

On landing in the American capital, he will be driven 30 miles to the
Alexandria Detention Centre - a forbidding red-brick holding prison with
narrow slit windows and a huge concrete shield around it to keep out prying

For at least nine months, in the event that his fight against extradition
should fail, this reputedly escape-proof pressure-cooker of a building (a
possible destination for some of the 250 remaining Guantanamo Bay detainees,
when Obama shuts the camp down) will be Gary McKinnon's home.

Decanted there, disoriented and worlds away from the warmth and reassurance
of his mother's house in Hertfordshire, the British computer hacker will be
strip-searched, de-loused and dressed in a green or brown jumpsuit with
'Prisoner' emblazoned across the back.

Then he will be locked in a concrete cell furnished only with a stainless
steel sink and toilet. He will share this cramped space with at least one
other remand prisoner - who might be anyone from the town drunk to a
terrorist - and possibly sleep on a mattress on the floor because the centre
is so overcrowded.

All this would be daunting enough for the most psychologically robust among
us; so quite how it will affect Gary - who suffers from Asperger's syndrome,
which makes even the smallest alteration to his routine an anguished trial -
one shudders to imagine.

And yet, as I have learned this week when examining the probable course of
events should the British authorities abandon this foolishly misguided
technology geek to the full force of the U.S. justice system, his stay at
Alexandria, Virginia, would be just the beginning of a truly Kafkaesque

For, at a time when President Obama is set to appoint a new 'cyber tsar' to
tackle the hundreds of hackers who attempt to breach the Pentagon's internet
security each day (including some altogether more sinister figures from
China, Russia and North Korea), I have to report that there is no sympathy
for Gary McKinnon's plight in America.

His case may be seven years old; Bush and his neo-cons may have been run out
of town by a very different kind of President; he may have caused minimal
disruption in his avowed quest to find evidence of little green men.

Yet Gary embarrassed the combined might of the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force
and NASA when the wounds of 9/11 were still raw, and as one former CIA
officer with close ties to the National Security Council told me: 'The
attitude is that you don't do something like that and get away with it.
People still want an example made of this guy - and, no matter what he says,
the view is that he was no harmless UFO nut.'

Moreover, the truth is that the American courts seldom give much credence to
pleas for leniency on the grounds of mental disturbance (dozens of killers
who would be considered unfit to plead in Britain are on death row).

And in the Eastern District of Virginia - where Gary's case would be heard
by Judge Timothy S. Ellis, a Reaganappointee - justice is notoriously

In theory, Gary could face 60 years for hacking into 92 military computer
systems. He is highly unlikely to be jailed for anywhere near that long, but
he is sure to receive a lengthy sentence, assuming he is found, or pleads,

At that point, he will be transferred from the holding prison to an even
more daunting bear-pit: a U.S. federal penitentiary. The ordeal this
highly-strung, socially awkward man is likely to face there is spelled out
in a chilling affidavit by American criminologist Joel Sickler.

It has just been submitted to the High Court in London, and will form a key
plank of Gary's appeal against extradition. Mr Sickler has been assisting
U.S. prisoners for 28 years, and his 30-page submission counters an
assurance, given by U.S. officials to the Home Office extradition section,
that Gary would be well looked after in jail by psychiatrists, counsellors
and social workers.

'In my opinion, Gary McKinnon, if surrendered to the U.S., will almost
certainly be exposed to neglectful care within the U.S. Federal Bureau Of
Prisons and will certainly suffer more than the average healthy inmate,' he

'To be quite frank, the Bureau has a well-known and terrible track record of
delivering on any type of health care required by an inmate, especially
those with some form of mental impairment.' To support his assertion, Mr
Sickler, head of the Virginia-based Justice Advocacy Group, describes the
cruelty meted out to another prisoner diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome
during 30 months at Butner, North Carolina; one of the federal correctional
institutions where Gary could serve his time.

To the shameful indifference of wardens, the prisoner, Seth, was subjected
to a campaign of threats, bullying, ridicule and theft by inmates.

This, he says, was 'entirely due to Seth's inability to interact with his
peers due to his inadequately developed social skills that result from his

'In a typical day, Seth is subject to harmful practical jokes such as
Vaseline on his equipment and doorknob in his room, oil soaking through his
mattress, and having his cell room ransacked. If he reports these incidents
he risks being placed in an isolation cell that punishes only him and fails
to address the issue.'

On one occasion, he states, the prisoner was thrown in 'The Hole' - a
solitary confinement unit - for a week, supposedly for his own protection.

Razor blades were regularly hidden in his shoes and other belongings; his
locker was broken into almost every day and the Prozac upon which he relied
to combat depression was twice stolen.

The trial judge recommended he was sent to Butner because it was thought to
have the best medical unit to deal with his condition, Mr Sickler writes.
Once there, he was not even sent to this unit and his condition was
virtually ignored.

It is possible Seth was singled out because he had been convicted of
offences relating to child pornography, though Mr Sickler denies this was a
factor because the other prisoners did not know why he was at Butner.

At all events, his case is all too typical in U.S. prisons, he says.

'Assurances (that Gary will receive), medical and mental health examinations
in addition to appropriate care ( pharmacological and therapeutic) are also
suspect, given the Bureau Of Prisons' track record for failing to provide
for these things as they claim.' He depicts a prison system which sounds
more like that of a Third World country than the world's greatest democracy.

Medical records are routinely lost; access to urgently needed psychiatric
care can take days, and the Department of Justice's assurance to the Home
Office 'that the Bureau is equipped to deal with something as unique as
Asperger's syndrome is especially far-reaching and dubious'.

Mr Sickler's views are supported by others who have seen what happens to
emotionally vulnerable prisoners in the U.S. Men such as Darius McCollum, a
43-year-old New Yorker whose peculiar intelligence and serially obsessive
personality bears comparison with Gary McKinnon's.

While Gary felt compelled to hack into U.S. military and NASA computers in
his search for proof that UFOs exist, McCollum was obsessed with New York
subway trains.

His fixation began when he was a toddler, and by the age of eight he
possessed photographic recall of every twist and turn of the city's vast
transit system.

At 15, he made headlines by sneaking behind the controls of a subway train
and driving it several miles, from midtown Manhattan to the World Trade

In the 28 years since, McCollum has become the scourge of the New York
Transit Authority, impersonating guards, carrying out safety inspections and
asking to see passengers' tickets. As a result, the so-called 'Train Man'
(named after the autistic genius portrayed by Dustin Hoffman in the film
Rain Man) has spent more than half his adult life in prison.

His Asperger's syndrome was diagnosed long ago, yet the courts refuse to
accept it as mitigation.

As with Gary's British supporters, many New Yorkers believe the Train Man
shouldn't be in jail, but that with his vast knowledge and enthusiasm he
ought to be employed by the Transit Authority.

Just like Gary, he has never harmed anyone, and believes in delusion that by
meddling with trains he is doing society a service. And, again like Gary,
his stoutest defender down the years has been his mother, Elizabeth.

Now 80, she says she is too weary to go on fighting ignorance and
indifference about her son's condition.

But when I tell her about the British family who may face the same battles,
she says: 'I doubt your man will get any help if they bring him here.

'My son is lucky because he's in New York, where they are more progressive
and have started to recognise that he's not really a criminal, but someone
who needs professional treatment. But in Virginia, it just isn't going to

Mrs McCollum claims her son was also beaten up in prison - by a corrections
officer who mistook his unusual manner for insubordination. But he has since
learned to survive in the system.

She says: 'Gary will have to keep his head down because there are people in
there who will do him in without even thinking about it. My son converted to
Islam for a time because the Muslim prisoners were the only ones who looked
out for him.'

Ordinarily, a prisoner such as Gary could expect to be held in a minimum
security prison. Yet Joel Stickler says that Bureau Of Prisons regulations
state that a foreign national cannot be sent to such a jail.

Since his hacking exploits are alleged to have compromised the nation's
defence systems, his status is likely to be 'ratcheted up' to medium
security. And in America, 'medium' means tough.

He would probably find an armed robber, drug baron or Mafia overlord on the
bottom bunk in his two-man cell. Such characters tend to be patriotic and
are unlikely to take kindly to a British computer nerd who thumbed his nose
at their country.

Given the nature of his alleged offences, however, Gary might be considered
a 'communication threat' which could mean he would be sent to a special unit
in the Terre Haute correctional facility, Indiana, designed to prevent
inmates having any outside contact.

Opened two years ago on the site of a former death-row block, all but two of
the inmates are Muslim, and many have been convicted of terror-related
crimes. They include the so-called 'American Taliban' John Walker Lindh,
captured as an enemy combatant during the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan and
serving 20 years.

The third possibility is Gary will be sent to a lower security detention
facility for foreigners facing deportation on completion of their sentence.

While this sounds the preferable option, these Spartan 'warehouses', which
are run by private contractors, have a terrible reputation, and in Mr
Stickler's view are 'no place for someone like Gary. If you think the level
of health care is poor in a standard, government-run prison, these privately
administered institutions are much worse'.

And the criminologist ends with one final, morale-crushing piece of news. If
Gary is extradited, his hopes will rest on being speedily repatriated so
that he can serve his sentence near his family in Britain.

Having been accused of causing some £500,000 of damage to the various
computer systems he infiltrated, however, Mr Sickler says he is sure to be
ordered to pay a substantial sum by way of restitution in addition to being

Now unemployed, he is unlikely to have funds to cover a huge penalty - and
under the U.S. prisoner treaty transfer programme, foreign prisoners cannot
be sent home until their fines and compensation are paid off.

Kafkaesque indeed. Speaking for the first time about the case this week,
Scott Stein, the former assistant U.S. attorney who launched the prosecution
in 2002, admitted that even he feels some sympathy for Gary.

Now a Microsoft lawyer, Mr Stein is the official accused of 'leaning on'
Gary at the U.S. embassy in London, in an effort to get him to agree to go
to Virginia voluntarily and plead guilty.

He denies putting him under undue pressure, saying: 'I'm not sure what "lean
on" means. The UK prosecution system is different from ours. He was treated
no differently than [he would have been] when it comes to plea offers in the

It was Scott Stein's ex-boss, Paul McNulty, then U.S. Attorney for Eastern
Virginia, who memorably accused Gary of carrying out 'the biggest military
hack of all time'.

This week, Mr McNulty, who later rose to the post of Deputy Attorney General
in the Bush administration and is now employed by a prominent
Washington-based law firm, declined to comment on the case.

While Mr Stein remains adamant that Gary should be extradited and punished,
however, he has clearly moderated his own views.

He now accepts that he was 'not a professional criminal' and simply 'got
lost in what he was doing'.

He also acknowledges that Asperger's syndrome appears to have been a
significant factor in Gary's actions - something that was unknown when the
case began.

We can only pray that the British authorities dealing with this wretchedly
mishandled saga will come to their senses, and never force this emotionally
fragile man on to that Washington-bound plane.

$4.25 Million Dollar Fraud In Lehi, Utah ? Is this Possible?

Fraud in Our Own Backyard, Lehi Utah Under International Scruitny, Robert Paisola Reports

July 07, 2009

Salt Lake City Utah
For Immediate Worldwide Distribution
Western Capital Multimedia Inc. and CNN I Report and WSJ.COM
(c) 2009 All Rights Reserved CNN

An Open Letter to Gordon Miner from The Western Capital Foundation Regarding Potential Fraudulent Budget Transfers of 4.25 Million Dollars in Lehi, Utah USA

Mr. Miner,

I wanted to take a moment to formally introduce myself and to make you aware of some serious concerns that we have recently been alerted to by our viewers, readers and listeners around the world about possible illegal activities that are happening in your own back yard.

As I am sure you are aware, my company, Western Capital ( and the many other divisions of our organization within the Western Capital Group of Companies, including Western Capital Multimedia, work diligently with groups around the world to stop fraud and corruption at the highest levels of Corporate America.

We own many foundations and endowments including the Robert Paisola Foundation located at that is nationally know.

My Personal site is located at .

I am also an international freelance reporter for CNN, NBC, NPR, USA Today and many other national publications, we also syndicate a media feed that is received by millions at

When we were first alerted to this issue, we attempted to make contact with our congressional delegation, including Senator Hatch and Senator Bennett.

We are awaiting their reply, and the only person who responded was Jason Chaffetz's office, who stated that they would deal with this immediately. You are VERY LUCKY to have Jason as your Congressional Representative.

We have also contacted the many Representatives and Senators in the State of Utah on this and believe that once they read this on CNN, that they will submit formal statements to

It is amazing how many people that we interviewed, mentioned your name as a potential source to detail this problem for the American Public to whom we report. Now we know why YOU are running for a position on the City Counsel in Lehi, Utah

Therefore, Our questions for you today Mr. Gordon Miner, center around a complex and possibly illegal scheme that is being induced upon the citizens of the City of Lehi, Utah to whom you are intending to serve.

Our investigations are not complete, however it is essential that we receive your assistance so that we may uncover the real truth. We will be posting documents continuously on this matter to support our statements at and

In order to be brief, we will ask the following:

1. Was there a recent utility Rate Hike in Lehi, Utah and was the Rate Hike done and completed in accordance with the laws of the State of Utah. If so, was it done in order to cover a transfer of 4.25 Million Dollars to the General Fund to avoid having to inform the public pursuant to State Law?

2. We are in possession of a series of documents that have been provided to us by one of the victims of this scheme entitled "LEHI CITY CORPORATION EXPENSES WITH COMPARISON TO BUDGET FOR THE 10 MONTHS ENDING APRIL 30, 2009- ELECTRIC FUND"

In that document is is clearly noted that there were Six Operational Transfers from the ELECTRIC FUND to the following:

a. Operating Transfer SWF $250,000.00
b Operating Transfer Museum $160,000.00
c Operating Transfer Water $1,500.000.00
d Operating Transfer Sewer $750,000.00

Our auditors have determined that there was approximately 4 Million Two Hundred And Fifty Thousand Dollars (Evidence 453009-209) in transfers. We have been told that these transfers took place without any type of community administration or authority, however we were advised that there may have been a "retroactive meeting by the current city counsel members including Mayor Howard H. Johnson, Lehi City Utah Councilman Johnny Barnes, Lehi City Utah Councilman James Dixon,
Lehi City Utah Councilman Stephan Holbrook, Lehi City Utah Councilman Mark Johnson and Lehi City Utah Councilman Johnny Revill in an attempt to cover up this illegal scam.

Our investigation has further determined that the state law that is in question is [Utah Code 10-6-135(3)(d)(i)], and the relates generally to taxation.

(1) Our issue is "reasonable allocations of costs between funds" and the basis upon which a municipality may aborantly transfer money without public input, thus violating the due process guarantee of the US Constitution.

In this site, there is a statement that requires the city to mail WRITTEN notice to utility fund customers on any transfer of funds when the transfer hinges on whether is an allocation of costs or whether it subsidizes other funds. (We will try to recap what our investigators were told in Washington)

Our position is that there were illegal funds transfers that were deliberate and misleading. They were done for no other reason than to avoid alerting the citizenry of a tax hike. They simply called it a utility fee increase.

Our interpretation of this is that the easiest way to distinguish between the two (tax vs, increase) is to view allocation of costs as reimbursement for materials or services. ( For example, the City billing department provides billing services for all of the City's utilities. So, the City pays for billing services (wages, postage, etc.) through the general fund AND THEN each utility reimburses the general fund for those services by transferring money out of the utility funds and into the general fund.

Any amount of money transferred away from a utility that exceeds the value of the specific material or service rendered to that utility is not a simple allocation of costs.

We realize that this is potentially confusing, however -- if this happened, then this activity has then become a subsidy for which the customers must be
notified BY MAIL under Utah Statute. Did they not break the law?

We have verified this with the State of Utah and The Office of the Attorney General.

We have also been informed that The City of Lehi, Utah has gone on the record saying that the purpose of the transfer was to "cover utility fund shortages" (See Deseret News, June 19), EVIDENCE 3883773-22 which amounts to much more than one fund reimbursing
another fund for materials or services.

Our review shows this statement to be completely false and misleading.

The other requirement is:
(2) "mailed notice to utility fund customers" -

This noticing requirement is different from and has been confused with common public noticing requirements in the past, however in this case it appears that the Legislators in the City of Lehi, Utah did nothing more than play a "shell game" with the money, relying on the ignorance of the citizens and their historic "inattention to detail."

We believe that the illegal scheme was not caught because of the utility-rate-hike issue that we mentioned above and the transfers-of-money issue and the general ignorance of GAP in the populace.

Counsel has indicated that the utility rate hike fell under the common public noticing requirements, while the transfers of money fell under [Utah Code 10-6-135(3)(d)(i)].

According to this law, "a written notice of the date, time, place, and purpose of the hearing shall be mailed to utility fund customers at least seven days prior to the

Lehi, City did not follow this law as they transferred, under the shadows of night, $4.25 Million Dollars to what Dave Sanderson, the Lehi City Financial Officer and Jamie Davidson, the current City Manager state as
spare funds" (Deseret News, June 19), to subsidize other funds, INCLUDING THE GENERAL FUND.

(3) taxation - The Deseret News said, "Some residents mistook the utility rate increase for a tax... this is not a tax at all, and is merely an Enronesque Money Shuffle" to avoid having to comply with the law.

This is again, A COMPLETE SCAM.

One of the main reasons that this was brought to our attention, as we usually only deal with National and International Issues, is the commentary that was found on Lexis-Nexis wherein you were quoted to have stated:

"Shakespeare said, 'A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.' But, Lehi’s rose stinks because it is actually a tax. Calling it a utility fee makes it smell better to the general public, but it does not change the fact that it is a tax. There is an old saying in city
government that says, 'It's a lot easier to raise fees than it is to raise property taxes.' That is because the general public innocently assumes that their money stays with the utility and that the utility is operating on a break-even basis.

It is our opinion that the Mayor of Lehi Utah and the above named City Counsel Members including Mayor Howard H. Johnson, Lehi City Utah Councilman Johnny Barnes, Lehi City Utah Councilman James Dixon,
Lehi City Utah Councilman Stephan Holbrook, Lehi City Utah Councilman Mark Johnson and Lehi City Utah Councilman Johnny Revill are simply preying upon that assumption of ignorance of the population."

Gordon Miner....Is this true.

And if so, and if proven true in a court of law, is there a basis for a federal investigation of the administration and possible indictments against the administration for this alleged conspiracy scheme against the Citizens of the State of Utah and The City of Lehi Utah.

This is why we are involved on an International Basis and why this will be posted to CNN I Report.

Are you aware that One Million Dollars of the illegal $4.25 million transfer went to the GENERAL FUND? Isn't this in violation of Utah Code 10-6-135(3)(d)(i)

Is the GENERAL FUND NOT WHERE THE TAX MONEY FROM THE CITIZENRY GOES? So, how could it be possible to even justify in any way at all Monies being transferred to the GENERAL FUND FROM THE UTILITY FUND be done , without being A COMPLETELY ILLEGAL TRANSFER?

We have been involved in covering many criminal cases and under the criminal code, when this happens in CORPORATE AMERICA, it is known as commingled money, and that alone can give Counsel the right to "Pierce the Veil" of Corporate Protection, thus holding the above named gentlemen, in violation of the Federal RICO ACT and Absolute Personal Liability for these illegal maneuvers against the citizens of the State of Utah.

It is so obvious that this scheme to transfer money to the general fund was wanton illegal conduct, simply because to the average individual (not having the forensic accounting team that we have) it easily becomes commingled with and INDISTINGUISHABLE from tax money.

Is this true?

We talked to a Councilman in Chicago, Illinois today who stated "Politicians do this because utility fee increases don't carry the negative connotation like taxes do." he continued, "Aside from the politics, this kind of commingling of utility fees and taxes prevents the public from knowing how their money is being spent."

"If this were to happen here in Chicago, every one of them would be Federally Indicted"

Our dealings with other municipalities around the nation, are very clear that the purpose of the government is to be completely transparent. This is hardly transparent behavior.... much more criminal in nature.

What we are seeing is that this is being described as a "way to do business, so that the public does not know"

We see this as a complete act of fraud and demand your position on this matter, as you have been "the one person in Lehi, Utah who can get things done".

How is this possible for this to happen in America, and how is it possible to happen in my own backyard.

I shall await your immediate reply.

All other comments regarding this investigation should be sent to and our National Fax Number is 408-889-2415

Oh, take a look at one of the investigations that we just concluded based in Las Vegas at where we verified illegal conduct on behalf of Consolidated Resorts, Tahiti Village and Goldman Sachs.... that was 750 Million Dollars.

"If this is true, there will be an investigation bigger than The State of Utah has ever seen"

Reporting Live From Salt Lake City, Utah, this is Robert Paisola for CNN I Report

(c) 2009 Western Capital Multimedia, All Rights Reserved




Robert Paisola spent the day working hard reviewing Cowabunga Bay Water Park in Utah for CNN and The Travel Channel !


A Letter from Dante Cottingham.. Unedited by Robert Paisola

There are far too many children around the world whom, for reasons not their own, have minds and perspectives that have been invaded by the disease of despair, of anger, of hopelessness and depression. Children without the natural inclination to guide themselves out of the minefields of adolescence, children who if guided properly would of been future doctors and heads of state, but instead have made a series of bad decisions and caused harm to victims, community and themselves, our worlds lost children whom are only lost because of the negligence perpetuated by our worlds adults.

[I never cease to be in awe as I gaze into the face
of an Innocent child, when God gives them to us as
a blank sheet of paper - clean, pure and waiting to
be inscribed upon. They trust us, open themselves up
to us, and receive whatever we give them, whether it
be good or bad ]

Do our worlds lost boys and girls not deserve our undivided attention? Do they not deserve a voice speaking in their defense and for the protection of their future? Do they not deserve a second chance?
Well I am here to say that they do, as a former lost child, that is, I joined Chicago's biggest street gang at 13yrs old, there began a life sentence in maximum security prison at 17yrs old, where I have been for the past 14yrs. Now I am here to use my voice, that we do.
For Our human family has reached a level of sophistication that gives us a vision to acknowledge that it is indeed ideals that are the projectors of change, of reform and of progress, not severe retribution or the persecution of our most valuable resources. It is the distribution of love and hope, not hate and indifference that repairs the harm done to our lost children.
Through pro-action it is in our power to effectively combat this child destroying issue, but we must first acknowledge it. Together we can render the juvenile justice system obsolete, but we must first commit ourselves to the cause.
Together we can practice a world of service minded, focused children, but first we must see our neighbors child as our own.
So I implore you to digest this message and find out what ways you can be most effective in assisting the lost boys and girls in your immediate area.
A powerful role model could of redirected my childhood cause, it may be you who redirects another's.
I sincerely thank you for your time and attention, God Bless,

Sir Dante D. Cottingham 259241
Green Bay Correctional Institute
P.O. Box 19033
Green Bay, WI

If you would like to contact me please feel welcomed, I am currently serving a life sentence with parole eligability 2020. I am certain we would have much to discuss given the oppertunity, sincerely yours, Dante


The Full Michael Jackson Will Read it Here- Robert Paisola Reports