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Brian Layton Cardall Murder By Hurricane Utah Police- TASERED- The Officical Tapes Released

Photo Courtesy AP


SALT LAKE CITY -- In a frantic phone call to 911 from the side of a highway, Anna Cardall describes her husband Brian's mental health episode.

Anna Cardall called 911 at 1:04 p.m.

"He's freaking out. He's just freaking out," she told the emergency dispatcher. "No! Don't! Oh my gosh! No! Please! I'm afraid he's going to jump into traffic."

His wife tells emergency dispatchers he suffers from bipolar disorder.

Listen To the Official Hurricane Utah Police Department 911 Tape of the call made by Anna Cardall to Police Live.

"I need to get in the car!" he shouts at her.

The tapes provide a more complete picture of Cardall's bizarre death alongside a highway outside Hurricane last week. He died after being tased by a police officer.

Anna Cardall cries into the phone, afraid of him as well as afraid for his safety. She tells emergency dispatchers she had given him his medication, but it will take up to an hour to take effect. The dispatcher tries to assure her that help is on the way.

"Get out of the road! Get out of the road! He is going to get hit," she said. "He thinks he's directing traffic."

Here the officer can be heard being dispatched to the scene. As soon as he arrives at 1:17 p.m., he encounters Brian Cardall, who is naked.

"Get down on the ground! Get down on the ground!" the officer shouts. Cardall responds twice in what sounds as a panicked voice, "Is this a standoff, don't' shoot."

About 42 seconds after arriving on scene the officer deployed his Taser yelling, "Taser deployed! Stay on the ground! Stay on the ground!"

"He went down, he tried to get up and I told him to stay down. I tased him again and then after the second time..." -Hurricane police officer

Listen to the official police recording of the Murder of Brian Layton Cardall by Utah Police

On the tape, Cardall can be heard screaming as the officer cycles the Taser a second time. Officers struggle to get Cardall into handcuffs. Almost immediately, they notice something wrong.

"He's not breathing," an officer said on the tape.

Cardall was pronounced dead a short time later. His death is being investigated by a task force assembled by the Washington County Sheriff's Office. An autopsy has been performed, but investigators are not releasing any preliminary results.

On the tape, one officer makes reference to "excited delirium," a controversial term used to explain the deaths of people in an agitated state often by Taser or other restraint. On the tape, the officer reveals that he tased Cardall twice.

"He went down, he tried to get up and I told him to stay down. I tased him again and then after the second time...," the officer said.

In a brief introductory statement, e-mailed to news organizations ahead of the actual media files, the family said:

It is with great sadness, but also a desire for public awareness and understanding, that we release these audio recordings that provide significant insight into the death on June 9th of our son and brother, Brian Layton Cardall.

The public through the media now has opportunity to analyze the recordings and learn for themselves what transpired on a highway near Hurricane City on the afternoon of June 9th.

The son of a prominent KSL employee died Tuesday in Washington County after a police officer deployed a Taser when the man ran down a road in what authorities called an "agitated" state.

Brian Layton Cardall, 32, was traveling with his wife south on State Road 59 near Hurricane on Tuesday afternoon. According to, the vehicle pulled over to the side of the road when Cardall, who recently had been struggling with mental health issues, began having an "episode."

Cardall left the car and ran down the road, and his wife called police, said Washington County Undersheriff Jake Adams. A Hurricane police officer who responded to the scene deployed a Taser on Cardall, who lost consciousness, Adams said.

Cardall was treated at the scene but he was pronounced dead after being transported to Dixie Regional Medical Center in St.George, Adams said.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office did not immediately release further details about the incident.

Cardall is the son of Utah Television Station , KSL, Editorial Director Duane Cardall, according to Attempts to reach Duane Cardall for comment Tuesday afternoon were unsuccessful.

Duane Cardall's administrative assistant said he and his wife, Margaret, were traveling to St.George late Tuesday to be with his son's wife, who is six months pregnant.

Adams said the Washington County Critical Incident Task Force is investigating Cardall's death.

The Hurricane Utah Police Department did not return a phone call requesting comment on the officer who deployed the Taser.

A family statement released by Paul Cardall, Brian's brother and a renowned pianist from Sandy, read, "Brian is a wonderful son, brother, father, and husband who loved being with people. He was full of personality and wanted to make a difference in this world. He was working on his Ph.D. in Molecular Ecology at Northern Arizona University. He loved being in the outdoors and with his daughter Ava and beautiful wife Anna. We will miss Brian but are comforted by our faith."

Portions Provided to Western Capital Multimedia by The Hurricane Utah Police Department, KSL, and the SL Tribune. All rights go to stated contributors.

INTERNATIONAL DISCLAIMER: We have absolutely no opinion on this matter. By posting this aggregated story, we are merely informing our world wide audience that there was a death due to the usage of a taser. We ask you to listen to the tapes, and garner your own opinion. We will be providing full transcripts of these calls and have been advised by law enforcement that we will be provided will the entire series of reports, audio files and the name of the officer that was responsible for the discharge of the taser.

The media must understand that as of this point, there is no more data to provide. The moment that we receive the data, we will be posting it for you live. In the interim, please follow our blogs, the Associated Press, The Salt Lake Tribune and KSL Television in Salt Lake City.

Further we are not going to accept any further requests from the national media for our statement. We encourage you to listen to the tapes, contact the City of Hurricane Police Department and stay tuned for further developments.

THIS is a prime example of how fast news travels around the world using Social Media and Citizen Journalism. This will be studied for years to come. Why would the BBC care?

All media inquiries should be sent to

David Wright
Western Capital Multimedia Inc.
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