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The Harry Blausey Case Continues... When will the State of Ohio Learn, A WCM Exclusive for The Associated Press

For Immediate Release
Western Capital Multimedia
September 25, 2009
For The Associated Press

(Nelsonville, Ohio) The Robert Paisola Innocence Project has just been notified that former Newark, Ohio Realtor, Harry Blausey has been placed in solitary confinement for "Accepting a Piece of Bread from another Inmate" Blausey, said in a letter to WCM and AP that "I was put in the Hole (Segregation) on Friday, Did not get my medications for three days, and my hearing aid was stolen"

Blausey, has been in custody for nearly a year, for "Providing False Writings" under Ohio Code. And has been the center of worldwide controversy over his abuse and treatment while under the custody of The Ohio Department of Corrections. He was allegedly following the advice and procedures from Real Estate Guru's Russ Whitney, Carlton Sheets and Donald Trump, among others, when charges were levied against him by Licking County Ohio Prosecutor Kenneth Oswalt, who stated "It is not so much what Mr. Blausey did, but what he did not do"

Calls to the institution warden, Francisco Pineda went unanswered, and we were told that "we would be receiving a personal call from Ohio Governor Ted Strickland, and that he is very aware of this matter" said David Lucas, a Representative for the Robert Paisola Foundation.
Lucas states that "Representatives from Governor Strickland's office assured WCM that this matter was being reviewed at the highest levels of State Government" and that they would be would be contacting the foundation immediately"

Harry W. Blausey is in the middle of filing a Federal Civil Rights Action against the State of Ohio and may be compensated up to $20,000 per day of incarceration, plus punitive damages to be determined at trial. Trial Counsel estimate that Blausey will be awarded in excess of 10 Million Dollars for the Violations against his Civil Rights by the State of Ohio.

We will bring you more details on this story as it unfolds from The Hocking Correctional Facility in Nelsonville, Ohio

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Photo's Courtesy of The State of Ohio
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