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A Special Message From Robert Paisola

As the holiday season comes upon us many in this country will be wondering what the new year will bring for them.  The countless homeless, about to be homeless, underemployed and unemployed will be thinking about life before the crisis brought on - by self admission - by Goldman Sachs.  At the same time, the employees of Goldman Sachs will be busy feasting, shopping and sharing, counting all the money they just made in bonuses on the backs of the American people.

Holidays - no matter what religion or beliefs you have - are typically a time to sit back, enjoy family and friends and just have a good time.  Not this year or even the year before and probably not next year either.  A very sad commentary on the state of the state of America.

As the new year approaches, I see it as a new beginning.  An opportunity for Americans everywhere to stand up, speak out and take back control of "our" country.  The message to our politicians, our administration and to our controlling "too big to fail" should be and is - we have had enough.  We are the people of this nation.  We are your bosses.  You all work for us.  We want justice and we want our freedom back.  We want jobs and we want homes.  We want food to feed ourselves and our children.  We want our American way of life back.  Not with the excesses that were allowed us by our government and financial institutions in recent years but the way of life we enjoyed prior.  Sure, it did not work for all, even then, but that should have been our mission - to help those less fortunate then the majority.  Instead, we walked many millions of people into a candy store and said, "you can have all you want...just take it".  We were constantly reminded of this by television commercials from JPMorgan/Chase in their "I want it all and I want it now" campaigns.

Instead of helping those "less fortunate" we increased the numbers of "less fortunate" and increased the incomes and lifestyles of those already on the top tier of income and lifestyle.

So as this holiday and New Year season is fast approaching, let us all resolve to take action and let our rulers know just how we feel.  You see, we still have one thing going for us here in America - we can still vote someone out of office.  We can let them know our intentions.  We're going to fire them and allow them their pensions and health benefits.  A gift far larger then any they have given us in quite some time.

With a resolution of taking action and correcting the many wrongs that exist, perhaps, resolution by itself, can help us take the time out during this holiday season to enjoy our family and friends without the stress that exists.   

To your success and NEVER GIVE UP

Robert Paisola
The Robert Paisola Foundation
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