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"The Harry Blausey Story" to be featured on A&E Entertainment Network, Hollywood California, Robert Paisola Reports Live

"The Harry Blausey Story" to be featured on A&E Entertainment Network, Hollywood California, Robert Paisola Reports Live

Western Capital Multimedia Announces Multi Million Dollar Agreement with Los Angeles Based A&E Television to Feature Harry Blausey Prison Rights Story

NEW YORK- The CEO and President of Western Capital Multimedia and Investigative Journalist, Robert Paisola, has  just announced a new joint venture with the Arts and Entertainment Network of Los Angeles, California to complete a two hour "miniseries" on the Harry Blausey Case of Newark Ohio, Licking County.

"The Script is being written as we speak" , said Paisola, who would not comment on the financial arrangements  other than to say that "Harry Blausey will be very satisfied with the outcome and the nationwide justice that his story produces for the American Public" Paisola Continued

Paisola expressed great happiness that A&E has agreed to use the actual names of all of the people involved at the Court, Prison, Victim and Media Levels and hopes to create a "chilling effect" on what can seemingly happen in a small town, that takes the nation by storm.  He hopes to clearely set the bar for inmate rights around the world.

Blausey has been attacked multiple times while in custody, has been the victim of a Prison Guard Revolt and is now preparing a Federal Civil Rights Case in US District Court.  A&E was able to get interviews with actual staff members who were involved but no longer work for the State of Ohio, who's words are nothing less than terroristic.  "We were just following instructions from someone very high up, sir" said one staffer, when confronted about Blausey's Continued Abuse.   "That started the tidal wave of correctional staff and medical staff to open the previously closed doors, under a new administration, to openly discuss this matter"
Ohio Congressman John Boehner's office expressed "Deep Concern" for the way in which this case has been handled.

The series will have a 2.1 Million Dollar budget and will be shot on Location in Ohio, New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC,  and Las Vegas

Partial funding is being underwritten by The Robert Paisola Foundation, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Spy Glass Pictures, International Distribution will be maintained by The Robert Paisola Foundation.

Blausey is in the process of filing a 100 Million Dollar Lawsuit in Federal Court.
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