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The Rashad Shivers Case- Las Vegas Nevada--- EFFORT TO DISBAR ATTORNEY Kenneth E. Thomas- Nevada

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Another client/ friend that got sucked into a plea deal by the government. He asked to see the discovery and he was told that there is way to much paperwork and "They Have you" This is a PAID ATTORNEY... Well Mr. Kenneth E. Thomas, Esq. I invite you to do your research on who in the hell we are and what I represent. You will either get off your ass and help this client RASHAD SHIVERS, or you will be the worldwide talk of lawyers all over the globe. I have a feeling that many of the people on this page are going to respond to give you an idea if this is REAL of BS. We do not screw around Counselor and you may wish to see what we did to goldman Sachs, how we freed Harry Blausey and visit My foundation. We NEVER LOOSE. My statement to you is below... God Help You. 2 Attorney Generals from my home State (Utah) were just indicted.... Do you think I give a shit? NO, because by the time we are done I will have the best legal inds in the world assisting them.... Why... Because I can. Your Move Counselor. I hope the 10,000 you got as a retainer is worth your reputation. I am in the national media... and so will you! — at U S Federal Court, 

My Opinion.... I spoke with Rashads Girlfriend tonight and it looks as though his attorney, Kenneth E. Thomas, did not disclose ANY of the discovery to this defendant, That is a wanton violation of the attorney code of ethics. My understanding is that Counsel simply told this defendant that "They have a lot on you... you do not need to see the details" My friends... This is not the way the law works. I am working with Rashads representative and I will have my team review the file. If you read the docket ( ) you will see that this attorney did NOTHING TO HELP HIS CLIENT. This is why I started my foundation to stop issues like this. Guys. I need all of the discovery. By the time I get done with Kenneth Thomas, I doubt he will be practicing law. Visit our site, visit and google my name and companies, We do not quit and we demand justice. Are we clear. Get money on his books until I can figure this mess out. Robert Paisola, CEO, The Innocence Project USA - The Robert Paisola Foundation: An Avenue for Criminal Justice Reform

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Created July 17, 2014
Kiara DuPree Vegas

READ THIS ABOUT HIS ATTORNEY! Local attorney Ken Thomas got himself 25 days in the clink for non-payment of child support last week. Thomas was dragged into court by Judge Ken Pollock on an Order to Show Cause. Our tipster provided the following information:Mr. Thomas was up against Attorney Ed Kainen. Thomas was ordered to pay $1,400 per month in child support back in 2008. He made one $3,000 payment in approximately September 2008, but nothing since.

Thomas' defenses were 1) he thought the contempt hearing stemmed from his failure to appear at the last hearing; 2) he was not properly noticed for a previous order to show cause hearing; 3) that mom knew that he paid in lump sums to her when he received money from his PI cases; and 4) that he had no money to pay the support; and 5) that he was appealing the child support order to the Nevada Supreme Court.

On examination, Mr. Kainen asked Mr. Thomas what his most important bills were. Mr. Thomas said rent first and then proceeded to list a bunch of utilities and student loans (an obvious set up by Kainen to show that Mr. Thomas does not take the child support obligation seriously).

Mr. Thomas provided a letter in his defense that he called an "unavailability of attorney" letter, which he claimed was notice that he would be unavailable for service of papers during three weeks in November and 2 weeks in December 2009. Mr. Kainen got out that the unavailability stemmed from Mr. Thomas travelling outside of Nevada and/or working on other legal cases. Mr. Kainen also got out that Mr. Thomas pays $170 per month for a Cox cable bundle and other non-necessary expenses.

Judge Pollock did not appear upset, but stated that there was no excuse for failure to pay any child support. No good faith effort had been made in 18 months. The judge also noted that Mr. Thomas had never sought a stay during the appeal, nor had he sought a waiver of the bond related to requesting a stay (which was Mr. Thomas' excuse for not requesting a stay).

Pollock found Mr. Thomas in contempt on 17 counts of failure to abide by the court ordered monthly child support obligation and sentenced him to 425 days in jail. 400 days stayed if Mr. Thomas remains current on his obligation.

Some other Interesting facts: Mr. Thomas is a bartender part-time. He claims he has made little money in this field over the past year. His legal office is in his home and he claims to have 4 PI cases and 4 criminal cases. He offered to give mom a lien against any settlements or awards in the PI cases.

Thomas was admitted in 2000 and is still working part-time as a bartender? Ouch. Regardless, take care of your kids, counselor.

Any bets as to whether our state bar will step up on this one?

Register of Actions
Case No. C-13-294213-1
State of Nevada vs Rashard Shivers§
Case Type:Felony/Gross Misdemeanor
Date Filed:11/21/2013
Location:Department 18
Cross-Reference Case Number:C294213
Defendant's Scope ID #:2683720
Lower Court Case Number:13F12352
Party Information
Lead Attorneys
DefendantShivers, RashardKenneth E. Thomas
PlaintiffState of NevadaSteven B Wolfson
Charge Information
Charges: Shivers, RashardStatuteLevelDate
1.  SALE OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE453.321.2aFelony04/21/2012
2.  SALE OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE453.321.2aFelony05/20/2012
3.  SALE OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE453.321.2aFelony06/08/2012
4.  SALE OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE453.321.2aFelony07/06/2012
5.  SALE OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE453.321.2aFelony07/06/2012
6.  SALE OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE453.321.2cFelony07/27/2012
7.  SALE OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE453.321.2aFelony08/17/2012
Events & Orders of the Court
Disposition (Judicial Officer: Barker, David)
Charges Amended/Dropped
Charges Amended/Dropped
Charges Amended/Dropped
Charges Amended/Dropped
Charges Amended/Dropped
Charges Amended/Dropped
11/21/2013  Criminal Bindover
Criminal Bindover
11/22/2013  Information
12/03/2013  Initial Arraignment  (1:30 PM) (Judicial Officer De La Garza, Melisa)
Parties Present
Result: Plea Entered
12/07/2013  Transcript of Proceedings
Reporter's Transcript of Unconditional Waiver of Preliminary Hearing 11/18/13
02/05/2014  Pre Trial Conference  (8:15 AM) (Judicial Officer Barker, David)
Result: Matter Heard
03/05/2014  Calendar Call  (8:15 AM) (Judicial Officer Barker, David)
Result: Plea Entered
03/05/2014  Change of Plea  (8:15 AM) (Judicial Officer Barker, David)
Result: Plea Entered
03/05/2014  All Pending Motions  (8:15 AM) (Judicial Officer Barker, David)
Parties Present
Result: Matter Heard
03/05/2014  Guilty Plea Agreement
Guilty Plea Agreement
03/10/2014  CANCELED   Jury Trial  (10:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Barker, David)
Vacated - per Judge
03/11/2014  Amended Information
Amended Information
07/01/2014  PSI
07/01/2014  PSI - Defendant Statements
07/16/2014  Sentencing  (8:15 AM) (Judicial Officer Barker, David)
Result: Defendant Sentenced

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