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The Harry Blausey Case, Newark Ohio, Licking County Ohio, Real Estate Foreclosure Specialist in Jail - Could YOU be Next, By Robert Paisola

For Immediate Release Copyright 2009 All Rights Reserved. Robert Paisola, Los Angeles, California February 22, 2009

In Licking County, Ohio, The Newark Advocate reports that a Newark man has been indicted for 30 felony counts related to his alleged making of criminally false promises to 15 homeowners facing foreclosure. The man, Harry W. Blausey, 66, was charged with:

1. 10 counts of grand theft, a fourth-degree felony;
2. 14 counts of securing writings by deception, a fourth-degree felony;
3. five counts of theft, a fifth-degree felony; and
4. one count of engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity, a second-degree felony.

An excerpt from the story:

* Licking County Prosecutor Ken Oswalt declined to discuss the specifics of Blausey’s alleged actions, but did say that the defendant preyed on their foreclosure concerns. “In most, if not all, of these (charges), he accepted from (the alleged victims) a quit claim deed,” he said. “They signed their property over to him based on the representations he was making. ... They would sign there property over to him thinking they would get a significant benefit in terms of avoiding foreclosure .. or walking away from the property.”

* In addition to the 30-count indictment, Blausey is involved in 17 civil cases in the Licking County Common Pleas Court. Six of those cases involve plaintiffs named in the indictment.

For more, see:

* Too good to be true (In a pinch, they trusted him; now he faces 30 charges in mortgage deal),

* Man indicted in foreclosure fraud scheme (Former real estate agent also facing civil court complaints),

* More area residents come forward about foreclosure case,

* Recorder raised suspicions 2 years ago (Licking County Recorder Bryan Long said his office was skeptical of documents submitted by Harry Blausey as far back as 2006).

See also, WBNS-TV Channel 10: Real Estate Agent Accused In Foreclosure Scheme.

Links to be posted soon

The Foundations Preliminary Notes:

A key point to be highlighted in this case is that, like many of the other cases in this market, there were multiple (presumably unrelated, unconnected) homeowners involving multiple properties that were claiming to be victims. The victims DID NOT ALL COME FORWARD to allege that they were taken advantage of, but were SOUGHT OUT BY LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT based on Deed and Recording Activity. We believe that it's reasonable to assume that this case is based upon much community emotion and the belief that the commonality of being a victim when presented a PRE PREPARED questionnaire from Law Enforcement is a terrifying prospect for most American Citizens. How would you react- faced with law enforcement at your door stating that you may have done something wrong, or that you MAY JUST BE A VICTIM... Which would YOU choose?

However, what if the structure of the deal that you agreed to, signed and executed was something that created a win-win between two parties, one being an expert in Real Estate Investment and the other a victim of a pending foreclosure?

What if you were to see materials that were available to YOU, that would provide you with a step by step approach to investing in Foreclosed Real Estate and Pre-Foreclosure Real Estate. What if the data that you were being presented was sold and taught by hundreds of International Experts on Real Estate including but not limited to Carlton Sheets, Ron Legrand, Russ Whitney, The Trump Organizations Trump University, or The Learning Annex?

Much Much More to Come....

From The Home Equity Reporter Files

If you are or have been involved in the Harry Blausey Case in Newark, Ohio, and believe that you are either a victim or a supporter of the Defendant, including a member of the MEDIA, the Police Department, The Licking County Sheriff's Department, The State of Ohio's Governors Office, A Member of Congress or the United States Senate or their aids, please send your story, observations and comments to or Your confidentiality is assured and will in no way be disclosed or violated. You can watch many of our investigative stories on other cases on by simply typing in ROBERT PAISOLA.

Stay tuned for our opening statement on this case that is being prepared now. This story will be live on the Associated Press Wire Service soon, however you can watch this blog for constant updates. You can reach this blog from, , and many others.

Our updates will detail our teams visits to Newark, Ohio, to interview the witnesses and the attorneys in this case. We will discuss the attorneys, Attorney Mark Alan Serrott of Columbus, Ohio, Attorney Carl McCoy of Newark Ohio, and the Licking County Ohio Prosecutor Ken Oswalt and the Victims Outlined in the Indictment as Presented by The State of Ohio, Including,

This case will be broadcast Live on the ABC Radio Network, MSNBC, CNN International, and The BBC Worldwide, The Innocence Project USA, The Western Capital Multimedia Network and other media venues across the world.
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