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The Talk On The Street: The Blausey Case- Keep Sending in your Comments on the Harry Blausey Newark, Ohio Real Estate Case

Who in the world would have ever thought that there would be this kind of support for a 67 year old Real Estate Investor from Newark, Ohio named Harry Blausey?

Our offices around the country have been flooded with calls, letters of support and comments. Many of you have volunteered your time to assist in this matter and many Attorneys have contacted our offices to help out. Some of the biggest names in the Real Estate Industry have offered to testify as to the validity of how the deals were done. The consensus is that theses are all CIVIL MATTERS and many attorneys have stated again and again that Harry Blausey "will make millions" in a Federal Lawsuit, should he decide to go down that route.

We want to be fair to all of the respondents, but the the sheer volume of calls and mail can not be addressed quickly enough.

If you are a member of the media, and you have called to do an interview, please do not give up, we will assist you. Simply send me an email to and Include the words BLAUSEY MEDIA REQUEST in the subject line.

Because of the National and International scope of this case, we only have time to provide National and International Interviews. Please pull the audio and video feeds from your National Network Feeds. All of the interviews that we do are syndicated.

To the reporters in OHIO, we will work with you. Please just continue to send your requests in writing.

We are receiving thousands of emails from around the world on the Harry Blausey Case.

Everyone is welcome to participate in this discussion.

Last Night we reported that Blausey was assaulted at the Hocking County Correctional Facility in Nelsonville, Ohio. The phones have not stopped ringing. If you truly want to be heard on this matter, contact Warden Ed Banks at (740) 753-1917 Immediately.


Please be sure that you put the words HARRY BLAUSEY in the subject line. Our editors will be posting some of the replies that we receive. This is obviously quickly becoming a worldwide event my friends with BILLIONS OF DOLLARS of Real Estate Investor's Money at Stake.

Please send all comments to

Robert Paisola
The Robert Paisola Foundation
The Innocence Project

Here we go....

"Ohio seems to be the most ignorant when it comes to money.

First, we are top 10 in the sub-prime mess, second, they kill any opportunity to try to get the real estate market back on track.

I bet there is gonna be laws created against Sub-2's.

At the very least, this makes everyone doing sub-2's, suspicious.

What do you think about this mess?"


"Is it possible he got in over his head? Miscalculated the deal and decided to make what he could and let it get foreclosed (unethical, but not illegal).

People agree in writing to pay credit cards and loans and don't do it. You want their intent to be judged and charge them with fraud?"


"NOT the same comparison. Selling drugs is illegal, REI is NOT.

This guy had auction properties he was buying. He had $50,000 of his own money lost because he can't deal in a LEGAL operation of real estate investing. Who is gonna recover the potential loss income if he is proven innocent?

Drug activity=illegal Buying auction properties and other REI=legal"
"You are absolutely right, he is a complete victim of a justice system gone awry"
"Weak debate tactic #234 : Stretch the truth of what your opponent says to make him look obviously wrong.

And to think we waste all that money on a justice system when we have people like you who can figure it all out without all those confusing facts to sift through. You are amazing.


"OH has has a problem with employment and the economy for a while. Some cities saw their population peak 20 or more years ago. The state is in long term decline compared to CA and FL. The rust belt is a label that fits.

There has been a lot of fraud and shady deals in OH and it did not start with the sub-prime crisis. Some people want the situation fixed or otherwise corrected. That can lead to bad ideas being put forward. In some cases banning some of the more creative techniques will hurt investors but it still might be better than having newbie investors acting illegally or incompetently.

Rarely do laws focus on specifics that can apply equally well in all situations.

OH leads in many ways. Foreclosures, mortgage fraud and other things. If the investors want intelligent changes then they need to get behind the REIA groups who are talking with the law makers. The Realtors will represent the views of the agents. There is an OH statewide REIA organization. Check with them to see what is being done.

John Corey

PS. Some investors are all for more reforms. They know that if you get rid of the cowboy investors it will reduce the number of dumb deals and the bad reputation produced from cowboy investors. Savvy investors will find other ways to do deals. Having less competition is not a bad thing. If you cannot buy sub-2 then buying REOs is an option. Lots of variations. Yes, I have OH investments."
Denver, that is the problem with this whole thing like someone said earlier, the one lone cowboy crap. It is not a big deal from a legality standpoint YET, but it could be soon.

The big deal here is that the preception is the main thing we are fighting. Just like "theoretically" a lot of fancy footwork will work, but the reality is that if the legislators get a hold of stories like this they WILL legislate away this type of move. The reality of legal or not goes away under the witch hunt type of a deal, especially during an election year.

We may all intend on doing up and up business, but make a mistake or two here and there and under some instances it is not a big deal, but if it happens at the wrong time or in the wrong situation, then it blows up on us. What is that saying about road to hell paved with something................. just keep your head down and keep buying and selling houses, period.
We all do our deals in the public glare when we deal with people who are under stress from a foreclosure.

You point out that the investor is not taking risk with their credit or spending money getting a loan. That sounds fishy or worse to many people. An investor not really committing to the deal and getting financing.

You do not know what the investor said or what they implied. Most will run ads or make statements that leave the impression that the investor is taking care of the mortgage, paying the payments, etc.

Creative RE deals sometimes are in a gray area. In some states you cannot speak to an owner who is in default or you have to follow a specific procedure. 1-2 states have a cooling off period where a seller can back out of a deal. Sellers under foreclosure are not always stable or rational in their thinking. Many are in denial or worse. It goes with the territory and it can be an issue for the investor if the case makes it to court.

Some investors are sharks. Some state attorneys general have pursued investors successfully when the investor was a subject-2 investor.

Look at the discussions here concerning being a bird dog. Most bird dog discussions revolve around illegal activity (being paid a fee is the deal closes). Every wonder why the regulators think investors are a bit too shady?

We do not know the full story. The press write to sells papers even if the articles have a bias. Having a view or an angle is not always a bad thing. We are all told to not believe everything we read yet most do.

Welcome to the real world of RE investing.

When the signs say there are sharks in the water maybe there are.

John Corey
I have done Sub To deals and made money.
I told the people I would make the payment and I did, till I sold it
Sub To deals have a lot of liablity, in todays market, I am not doing them.
O-H-I-O has its own set of rules, with a "boyscout" for an AG, who is trying to make a name for itself.
I spent 3 months in Columbus last year.
I was checking out some REO's there.
dug into the propertys history. The scope of the fraud in these deals would have made the rings in Miami proud.
SUb to's are not illegal in and of itself
a DUE on SALE clause is a civil matter
The AG in OHIO is willing to use the civil court system when he can not file charges
that is one of the primary reasons I choose to go back to FL
Sunshine had lots to do with it too!
YES! That is exactly what I said before all this about the AG of Ohio AND the licking county prosecutor (seems like Danns brother by way of his actions) . And he has succeeded making a name for himself (LOL) -
Looks like a little trouble for the old AG

The FBI has been asked to investigate Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann, reportedly by a task force that is part of Dann's office.

Sources who spoke on the condition of anonymity told The Dispatch that the investigation's focus is Dann's dealings with gambling interests, not the ongoing sexual-harassment scandal in his office that has cost four people their jobs and triggered calls by Gov. Ted Strickland and other Democratic leaders for Dann's resignation or impeachment.

Michael Brooks, an FBI special agent who serves as spokesman, said, "We can neither confirm nor deny any investigation into the attorney general's office."

Dann spokesman Ted Hart initially said yesterday that he was unaware of an FBI probe. Hart, however, then talked to Dann, who told him that he knew the Ohio Organized Crime Investigations Commission had initiated a gambling investigation.

Dann, who is chairman of the commission, "recused himself from that investigation from the beginning," Hart said.

The commission's six other members are appointed by the governor. The group works closely with law-enforcement organizations to investigate specific criminal issues, including violent crime, burglary and, more recently, foreclosure scams.

Jeff Rossi, the panel's executive director, said he was unaware of a formal request to the FBI for an investigation. But he said one could have been generated by the commission or any member.

Dann, a Democrat elected in 2006, has refused to resign despite calls from top elected officials and essentially being disowned by the Ohio Democratic Party.
The state legislature is expected to act quickly this week on a measure giving Inspector General Thomas P. Charles broad authority to investigate mismanagement and the handling of the sexual-harassment complaints by Dann's office.

I have learned one thing
Crusaders tend to come back with arrows in them
you can rock the boat, just not too much
this is a good thing for the Ohio RE market

Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann, crippled by a sexual harassment scandal surrounding his office and an admitted affair with a staff member, resigned Wednesday.

Dann, 46, made the announcement at the Ohio Statehouse shortly before 5 p.m., joined by Gov. Ted Strickland, who had called for his resignation just over a week before.

"The only way to protect the priorities of the attorney general's office and the people of Ohio is to remove myself as attorney general," Dann said.

Many Many Mire to come...
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