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From Policeman to SUPPORTING the Offender, By Robert Paisola

To my readers around the world:

This video says it all "As a State Trooper, I found myself putting band aids on problems"

We salute Mr. Orrin " Checkmate" Hudson , And remember my friends... YOU HAVE THE POWER WITHIN.

Orrin Hudson, a former State trooper, knows how to take positive action and inspire good people to take action to stop evil doings. Orrin's passion to make a difference in today's youth comes after the tragic shooting of 7 innocent young Wendy's employees in which 5 were killed in a robbery for a mere $2400.

The RESULT, Be Someone, was created for the sole purpose of helping recondition and reprogram today's youth so that they

"Think it out, not shoot it out."

Orrin's message: "Push pawns, not drugs - heads up, pants up, grades up!"

I personally invite you to join me in taking part and helping change the world of our youth - one move at a time. Please buy my book and/or make your donation today. The kids are our future, so let's invest in them - we ALL benefit!

Orrin Hudson
Author, "One Move at a Time, how to play and win at chess and life!"

To Your Success,

Robert Paisola
The Robert Paisola Foundation

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