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Change, A thought, Do you still consider yourself a victim of your past?


What are you going to do different today that will bring you closer to dreams you have? I find this is a very good question to start the day with. You have probably heard the popular definition of insanity which is expecting something to change when you keep doing the same thing over and over again.

I don’t think we consciously do things over and over again. I think we fall into a pattern and some might say comfort zone. In that state there is a certain satisfaction from feeling there will be few surprises. Most of us can easily be in routine and stay there unless we ask ourselves the question what can I do different today that will bring me closer to my dreams?

As soon as we begin to ask ourselves the question particularly in relation to the big dreams we are in the process of manifesting, often our past, our conditioning, others around us begin to present all the excuses: you are too old, you are too young, you don’t have the money, you are not talented enough, there is not enough time to do that, and so forth. Wayne Dyer has written an entire book on excuses and titled it Excuses Begone. I love that book as it raises my awareness on all the excuses I have accumulated in my life.

Start today with the question. Then decide what you are going to do differently today that you feel will bring you closer to your dreams. If you are not sure, go to the silent space and ask for the answers. Then be alert for the answers to be delivered. They don’t always just pop up in your conscious mind and they may not be delivered in an email , on Facebook or in a Tweet. Be alert. When you ask the questions, God always answers.

Sending you an Unconditional Love Hug
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