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The Harry Blausey Newark Ohio Real Estate Case, The FBI Gets Involved- A Live Update from Las Vegas, Nevada

For Immediate Release
Las Vegas, Nevada
August 20, 2009
For The Western Capital Multimedia Network
By Robert Paisola

The Harry Blausey Newark Ohio Real Estate Case, The FBI Gets Involved- A Live Update from Las Vegas, Nevada

The investigation of the Harry Blausey Real Estate Investment Case, where a Realtor by the name of Harry Blausey of Newark, Ohio was wrongfully imprisoned, has taken us all over the nation, as we have sought to prove that Blausey is innocent and to have him exonerated for his alleged convictions of "Illegal Writings" that is now forcing this man to spend time in an Ohio Prison for following the teachings of some of the world’s greatest real estate investors.

While in Las Vegas Nevada, we had the opportunity to sit down one on one of the former senior fraud examiners, who happened to be in town, with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The results of this story are nothing short of amazing.

We walked this seasoned fraud investigator through 2 complete transactions that Harry Blausey was convicted of in Newark, Ohio. Paperwork in hand, The investigator was truly amazed, as he read the interview reports that were prepared by the Ohio Detectives and listened to the raw audio tape of the interviews that were conducted by the prosecution. We showed him copies of the Front Page Stories that were run by The Newark Advocate, a Gannet Publication in Newark, Ohio, and Authored by Russ Zimmer of the Gannet Corporation... He was amazed.

Because we are currently working with Federal Law Enforcement to see if there is enough evidence of Prosecutorial and Attorney Misconduct to charge the conspirators, we will defer the names of these individuals until the official Civil Rights Action is filed against the State of Ohio, its agents and employees.

We were told by two separate sources that “ Illegal Conduct is not a protected act under the law, even if you are a public official, investigator or Prosecutor…. You are not immune from Federal Prosecution for acts that are clearly demonstrated as acts of conspiracy and contain a criminal element” and that is just what the FBI Investigates.

How did we meet this man? Because we were noticed for our International Affect that we are having on the Billion Dollar Goldman Sachs Investigation, Consolidated Resorts and Tahiti Village Bankruptcy Fraud Cases.

This is the protection that Americans receive to ensure that local jurisdictions such as Licking County, Ohio do not create their “own form of justice” We knew we were one step closer to success!

"I cannot believe that any competent attorney would allow this evidence to be presented to a jury" he said. "The laws are clear, that in order to convict an American Citizen of Fraud, it must be proven BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT that the Defendant Harry Blausey was committing crimes in a PRE- MEDITATED fashion. “That is not what I see here.

"In my opinion, Mr. Blausey has many tort claims against the State of Ohio, and every day that he is held, The State of Ohio will be required under Federal Law to pay up to $20,000 per day that he is incarcerated."

Blausey has been incarcerated since last year by the State of Ohio.
And then we played the magic bullet tape… heard the yet unreleased commentary of the Licking County Prosecutor, Kenneth Oswalt, who stated on live audio tape "It is not what Blausey did or said, it is what he DID NOT say"

He gasped.

With a copy of this audio file in his hand, he shook his head and referred our investigators to his colleagues and friends in Washington DC, including retired associates who now deal with this type of prosecution day in and day out AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT. Next stop, Washington DC, where we are going to pursue justice for this man, Harry Blausey, the wrongfully accused and imprisoned man.

"This case will have a large nationwide impact on the Local Criminal Justice Systems across America, including Newark, Ohio, and that does not begin to explain the money that was stolen by Blausey's Attorney Mark Serrot, who walked away with over $100,000.00 in fees and $10,000.00 that was paid and BILLED FOR ( we have all of the billing records) that was supposedly used for "private investigative work" that was never done, except by the attorneys!... because there was no investigator ever hired. How can one be tried on 3 inches of data presented by the State of Ohio, with no counter defense?

What do you have to say to the American People that are reading this in complete disbelief, I Asked?

Let me get back to you on this Mr. Paisola.
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