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The Harry Blausey Newark Ohio Federal Lawsuit Case Update, Robert Paisola Reports

Let us be clear on the Harry Blausey Wrongful Imprisonment case based out of Newark, Ohio. Licking County Newark Ohio Prosecutor, Ken Oswalt Newark Ohio Prosecutor Pictured
We have been working with members of the Ohio Legislature, Members of the United States Congress and the United States Senate. We have hundreds of hours of conversations documented with ELECTED OFFICIALS and ACTUAL PEOPLE WHO WERE INVOLVED IN THIS INVESTIGATION.... See More

Blausey is preparing to file a Civil Rights Case in The Federal District Court in Ohio. His support is worldwide and The Governor of Ohio, Ted Strickland, is acutely aware of his plight.

The testimony from the WORKERS at the HOCKING COUNTY CORRECTIONAL FACILITY as well as Warden Michael Sheets of the Chillicothe, Ohio ROSS CORRECTIONAL FACILITY and his own staff will cause the State of Ohio to be forced to pursue not only CIVIL, but CRIMINAL CHARGES against named workers in the Ohio Department of Corrections.

We are working diligently to ensure that Blausey's Abuse is broadcast worldwide. We have audio, video and a confidential investigation conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Blausey's Treatment during his incarceration.

America can rest assured that all of the facts regarding the beating, abuse, and wanton neglect for this inmate will not only surprise the average citizen, but will be heard around the world.

Harry Blausey is a victim of malicious prosecution by Licking County Ohio Prosecutor Ken Oswalt. Blausey was assaulted by officers ON CAMERA. Blausey can not hear, because his hearing aid was taken from him. The State of Ohio refuses to voluntarily provide him a hearing aid to assist him in comprehending the most basic instructions from correctional officers.

We applaud former Hocking County Correctional Facility Warden, Ed Banks. You will hear from him at trial.

To the members of the Ohio Media. You had better look into this and any type of slander or libel against this man will not go unnoticed.

Governor Strickland, Demand that your people in the Department of Corrections stand accountable and provide Harry Blausey with the healthcare he so badly needs. Make an official order that Harry Blausey be transported and fitted for a Hearing Aid, while you still have State jurisdiction on this matter.

One final note, Attorney Mark Serrott in Ohio... YOU STOLE YOUR CLIENTS MONEY. We are going to have you disbarred forever.

To Lieutenant Johnson (more info to be provided via FOIA) and Lieutenant Smith ( A Female Officer, more info to be provided via FOIA) we have interviewed your colleagues and the results will ensure that you will have your own cell, as an inmate.

This is over America, We are sick of this wanton disregard for an Ohio Prison Systems Inmate, and the day of reckoning is coming soon.

Copyright 2010 Robert Paisola for Western Capital Multimedia, All Rights Reserved

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